Trips & Outings

We strongly believe that children benefit from getting out and about as much as possible. Whether that is through visiting the regular childminder toddler groups available in Burgess Hill such as Cheeky Monkeys and Happy Faces or through trips to the countryside, woods or the beach.

The groups and trips your child will experience with us will depend upon the days and times they are with us. Typically, they are:

  • Cheeky Monkeys - Mondays and Thursday mornings
  • Attending the toddler groups gives the children the experience of socialising with a larger group of children encouraging a wider range of friendships and providing them with equipment, activities and resources that differ from those we can offer.

    Trips we make to the surrounding area give the children the opportunity to enjoy the open spaces, observe and experience the changes on familiar places through the seasons as well as making them aware of the local area they live in.


We have two 9 seater minibuses which are used to transport children to the outings. We also provide our own car seats and buggies so parents do not have to supply these.