Settling in policy

We want every child in our setting to feel happy and safe in our care. To minimise the potential for your child to become upset when we first start childminding them, we propose the following:

Prior to caring for your child

  • We will invite you and your child to come for a parent and child settling-in session at our setting. If we feel it suitable we then arrange further parent and child settling-in sessions as appropriate.
  • will ask you or your child to complete an ‘All about me!’ sheet, so that we can find out about your child’s likes and dislikes as well as what they find comforting. If suitable we can complete this during the parent and child settling-in session.
  • Your child can then attend a child settling-in session without you. This will be for a short time to allow your child to experience our care without you being present. If we feel it suitable we can then arrange further parent & child settling-in sessions as appropriate.
  • Although the first two settling-in sessions are free, to ensure we have all the required information, all necessary documentation will need to be complete prior to the sessions.

Once we start caring for your child

  • If your work circumstances allow, your child may build up their hours over the first couple of weeks.
  • It might help if you bring a small collection of items that will help your child to settle, for example their favourite teddy, blanket or game.
  • Despite our best efforts, at first your child may become upset when they say good-bye to you, in our experience this lasts for a very short period of time.
  • Of course, you are welcome to call to find out how your child has settled. If possible, we will also try to text you to keep you updated.