Safe in the Sun policy

About this policy

About this policy

Outdoor play is important for all children. As detailed in our Outdoor Play policy, we aim to incorporate the outdoor environment into educational programmes on a daily basis throughout the year. In addition, children may be outside at least for the school run every day during term time.

The weather can bring both challenges and excitement to outdoor play. In spring and summer in particular, prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun can be damaging to children. This policy covers what we will do, and what we expect parents / carers to do, in order to protect children in our care from the risks of prolonged sun exposure.

This policy is based on advice given by Cancer Research UK.

What we will do

  • Set good habits for the future by discussing safe sun habits with children in our care.
  • Ensure there are shaded areas in our garden.
  • When on outings, look for shaded areas to base ourselves.
  • Provide shade for prams and buggies, if possible.
  • Have water or other suitable drink available and encourage children to take a drink.
  • If provided by parents:
      • Encourage children to wear their sun hats.
      • Encourage children to wear sunglasses.
      • Protect babies skin with loose-fitting clothes.
      • Apply suntan lotion.
      • If we are likely to be outside for a long period, we will encourage children to wear their light and loose-fitting long-sleeved tops.
      • If we feel that a child is at risk of prolonged sun exposure, and we haven’t been provided with the articles suggested, we may insist that the child stays in the shade at all times.
      • To provide sensible footwear – no flip flops or crocs as these cause many trips and falls when small children run and climb outside in the summer.