Risk Assessment Policy

Policy statement:

It is our policy to keep children safe by assessing any risks to their safety whilst allowing them the opportunity to take measured risks to support their learning and development.

Our activities will be well planned and organised. We will plan for the unique needs of each child depending on their age and stage of development, allowing children the freedom to explore, develop concepts and learn how to predict and avoid dangerous situations.


Prior to commencing childminding for any child, and at regular intervals, we will carry out a risk assessment to assess potential risks within our setting and identify how these risks will be removed or minimized.

We check our home and garden every morning before the minded children arrive to ensure that it is a safe environment for the children to play in.

If we deem it suitable we will record our risk assessments within a Risk Assessment record. The risk assessment record will include:

  • A description of the risk, including its location
  • Mitigating action to remove or minimise the risk
  • Whether the risk requires a specific date for review.
  • For risks that require frequent checking, will put in place a procedure to ensure this happens.