Mobile Phones and Camera Use Policy

Digital technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and cameras can be effective tools within a childminding practice.

Cameras and camera applications on smartphones can be used to take photos of activity outcomes and for visual records of observations. Mobile phones allow a childminder to be contactable at all times. However, all childcare practitioners must ensure care is taken with these technologies to ensure that a child’s wellbeing is always respected.

CCTV recordings both externally and internally within the setting are maintained for security, reviewing our practices and to provide evidence if needed of any incident or allegation made against us. These electronic recordings are kept locally and can only be accessed remotely via authentication. Areas where intimate care is completed e.g. toilets and nappy changing station are masked our so that no recording is made of that area. The data controller for the CCTV is Little Footsteps Childcare Ltd.


  • We recognise that we need to be contacted by parents at all times and when we are at the setting we use a landline (01444 848022) as well as using the lead childminders mobile phone, however when we are out of the house we will use our mobile phone(s) to contact parents or for them to contact us.
  • Visitors to our home will be required to leave any mobile phone, laptop or camera that they have with them in a safe place away from the children or in their car and if they need to use their phone they will need to do this away from the minded children.
  • Fellow childminders and assistant(s) working with us are aware that if their mobile phone is used to take photos of the children that the photos or videos are uploaded to the online journal and not stored on the phone. Before leaving the setting, staff should insure any photos taken on their phone are uploaded to the online journal and deleted from the phone.
  • Fellow childminders and assistant(s) working with us are aware that their mobile phones are not allowed to be used to share any personal details or photos of the children in our care (this would be considered gross misconduct and result in instant dismissal).
  • Mobile phone(s) should be kept out of the reach of the minded children.
  • For the children’s learning journals and our observation, planning and assessments we will be taking photographs and video recordings of the children. To safeguard ourselves and the children the following procedures will be followed;
      • No photographs or video recordings will be taken without written consent from the parents and will be for the purpose of the children’s learning journals, records, observation, quality assurance, planning and assessments and for sharing with the parents and on our website(s) if written consent by a parent is given.
      • All photos and video recordings will be downloaded to a password protected computer or network storage device and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection rules.
      • All photos and video recordings stored on our computer will normally be deleted once a child leaves our care.
      • We will try to ensure not to place ourselves in any position which could be interpreted in a negative way and lead to any complaints or allegations against us.

    The above procedures section is also contained in our Safeguarding Policy