Overnight Care Policy

We can only provide overnight care for children if we are registered to do so and within the conditions of that registration (including ratios and permitted rooms).

When providing overnight care for your child, we will aim to make them feel welcome and at ease.

  • We will work closely with the parent /carer to ensure that your child’s needs are met. We will need to discuss your child’s normal bedtime routine, medication, washing/bathing, nappy changing and toileting during the night, preferred comforters and nightlights, eating and drinking requirements etc.
  • We will need to know if your child is likely to have any problems in the night such as; bedwetting, nightmares, sleepwalking etc. and how you normally deal with it.
  • Only our childminders or assistants will change your child into pyjamas, bath them, or calm them during the night.
  • We will identify with the parent / carer the room and bed for the child to sleep in.
  • We will make sure they are always within either our sight or our hearing (which may be via a monitor).
  • We may require the parent / carer to provide bedding.
  • We will require the parent / carer to provide suitable clothing and other provisions such as sleepwear, toiletries, towel, fresh clothing plus any comforters such as a teddy that will help the child to settle. We will require contact numbers of where parents / carer can be reached if the child becomes distressed in the night.
  • We will require emergency contact details. If parents / carers will be unable to pick up the child in the case of an emergency, we will require alternative emergency contact details for someone who would be able to collect the child in an emergency.
  • As we must not allow people whose suitability has not been checked to have unsupervised contact with children being cared for, we will ensure that no-one over 16 years old stays in our house overnight unless they have a suitable and current enhanced DBS certificate.
  • Our relevant day-time policies and procedures will continue to apply.
  • Overnight care risk-assessment will be part of our normal risk-assessment procedures.