Medicines Policy

Policy Statement:

As a childcare provider we will ensure that we implement an effective procedure to meet the individual needs of a child when administering medicines. In order to achieve this, we will do the following:


  • We will keep a written record of a child’s need for medication and ask parents to update regularly.
  • We will obtain prior written permission from parents for each and every medicine to be administered before any medication is given.
  • If a child has been given any medication prior to starting their session with us the parent must inform us of when the last dose was.
  • All medicines will be stored in a secure cupboard out of the children’s reach or fridge if required.
  • All medicines should be in date, clearly labelled with the child’s name, dosage, storage instructions and times of doses and method of administration of the medication e.g. orally. Medicines should always be in the original container in which they were dispensed.
  • We will only administer prescription medication to the child if it is prescribed for by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.
  • We will only administer non-prescription medication such as pain and fever relief with parents’ previous written consent and only when there is a health reason to do so.
  • A parent will always be contacted first before administering the medication.
  • Official guidance on prescribed and prescription medicines will be followed.
  • We will never administer medicines containing aspirin to a child under the age of 16 unless they have been prescribed by a doctor.
  • A record will be kept of all medicines administered, child’s name, medication, reason for medication, dosage, date and time and parents will be informed that medicine was given.
  • In an emergency, if we do not administer the medicine whilst the child is in our care we will inform parents of who will be responsible for the administration of medicines to their child.
  • If we have a child in our care with long-term medical needs then we will ensure that we have sufficient information about the child’s medical condition and will work in partnership with parents and any other health professionals to assist the administration of any prescribed medication and the management of any other health needs such as a gastrostomy tube.
  • If your child has a self-held medication please obtain an additional one for us, to be kept at our setting e.g. an inhaler – older children can easily forget to bring home an inhaler.
  • For a child with Asthma parents should inform us of their child’s asthma symptoms, how to recognize these are getting worse, potentials triggers and risk factors, and how to help them take their reliever medicine.
  • If any medication or treatment requires any medical or technical knowledge these will not be given without prior training by a qualified health professional specific to the child in question.

Medical Procedures

  • We will document all procedures that we have carried out and ask you to sign this record.
  • The welfare of your child is paramount and therefore if we are at all unsure about the procedure, or concerned regarding the physical condition of your child whilst in our care we will contact either you the Parents, a member of their nursing team or the emergency services depending on the severity of the situation.
  • We require that you keep us informed as to the current health of your child and if there are any changes to their condition, treatment or medication.