Lost Child Policy

Policy statement:

The care of your child is paramount to us and we will always try to ensure that they remain safe. However sometimes children can become ‘lost’ in busy places and therefore as a responsible childcarers we have written a procedure that will be followed in the unlikely event of this happening.

Prevention when in the childminding setting

  • External doors to the driveway will be locked using a twist lock that is located high on the door.
  • An alarm is fitted to the front door which will automatically sound if the door is open for more than 3 minutes.
  • External doors to the garden may be unlocked if we are using the garden, at all times the side gate will be locked.


Prevention when out of the home

  • We will follow the Outing Procedure.
  • We will encourage all children to understand the need to be close to us at all times during outings and ensure the children hold our hand or the pushchair and use wrist links.
  • We avoid going to places that are overcrowded.
  • We teach the children the dangers of wandering off and speaking to strangers and encourage children not to speak to strangers unless we are with them.
  • We will ensure all minded children in our care have a card on them with our name, address and phone number so that if they get lost someone can contact us.
  • Hi visibility vests are used where appropriate on outings which have our mobile phone number on the back of them.


If a child is lost

  • For each particular outing, we will recommend to each child what they should do if they are lost, in general the approach will be:
      • to shout for us and look around without moving too far away;
      • to find someone that they know, or someone that works at the place we are visiting and to ask for help;
      • not to get into anyone’s car;
      • not to remove their Hi-Viz vest if appropriate;
      • not to walk off with anyone to a place where no-one else is;
      • to use their mobile phone to summon help if appropriate
  • If we discover that a child is lost we will immediately make a search of the area.
  • We will then alert staff/security staff if applicable.
  • We have developed plans on what to do in the event of an emergency. We carry a contact card for each child, providing a photograph of them, their name and an emergency contact name and number.
  • If we are still unsuccessful at finding the child we will alert the police, provide a description and as soon as practical, contact the parent.
  • At a suitable time, we will make a report of the incident to the childminder agency / Ofsted.