ICT (Internet) and Technology Policy

Internet safety

In addition to the benefits that can be gained through the use of the ICT, we also recognise that the internet in particular can pose risks and that it is important to ensure children are kept safe when using the internet.

We will therefore follow the following advice from the NSPCC on how to keep children safe online:

  • Talk to children on an age appropriate basis about the dangers posed by the internet.
  • Tell children to speak to us, or their parents, if they become worried or concerned.
  • Explain that anything shared online or by mobile phone could end up being seen by anyone.
  • Understand what each child does online and know which websites they visit.
  • Put the computer in a public area, rather than out of sight.
  • Use filtering software to block inappropriate sites.
  • Further, as social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are not recommended for children under 13, we will not allow children in our care to visit social networks.

Our use of social media and our website

To help continuously improve our childminding practice, from time to time we may use childcare focused websites and social media, such as childminding groups on Facebook. When using these sites, we will follow our confidentiality policy and at no time will we give out the names or personal information of children in our care.

We have social media pages and a website to advertise our business but we follow our confidentiality policy and will not share or publish any personal information about the children in our care.

We will not publish any photos of the children in our care on our website or social media unless we have written permission from the child’s parents. Additionally, steps will be taken to reduce the recognisability of children we care for e.g. blurring faces or selecting images that do not show the face. Stock images will be used on our website where an image of a face helps tell the story or communicate the message.

ICT (Internet) and Technology Policy


We limit the time children in our care are permitted to watch television. The watching of live television programmes, Netflix, Amazon Prime content and DVDs is normally restricted to:

  • Educational programmes for younger children.
  • A short session after lunch to provide the children with a quiet time to rest and allow their dinner to go down.
  • If a child is feeling a little off colour and needing more rest then it may be appropriate for them to watch more television that day.
  • We ensure all programmes watched are suitable for all the children in our care. If your child wants to bring a DVD to watch please ask us first if it is suitable for the other children in our care.

Video Games

We have the following video game resources that are available for the children in our care:

  • PC based tablet computer with games suitable for young children
  • iPad

These games can be very helpful in developing skills such as hand/eye coordination, timing, turn taking and are educational.

Children will not play on video games unless a parent’s permission has been obtained.  We will ensure that the time spent on the computer is not excessive.

Children will not be able to play on games of a violent nature or with a certificate above their age, younger children will not be able to observe games certificated above their age.

If you do not wish your child to play video games or if they have a condition that might be triggered by them please let us know.