Health and Safety Policy

Policy Statement:

It is our policy to promote and ensure the good health and safety of children in our care in line with the requirements laid out in the EYFS Framework, and Health and Safety Executive.


Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment

  • In order to ensure children’s safety in our setting we have a range of safety equipment e.g. stair gates, fire alarm which are regularly checked to ensure they are in good repair.
  • Our fire alarm is tested regularly and fire drills are carried out and recorded. We have a fire blanket in the kitchen, fire extinguishers in the playroom and messy room and children and parents are aware of our emergency evacuation procedure.
  • Our premises are secure to ensure children’s safety and prevent intruders and we have a procedure for checking the identity of visitors.
  • The garden has high fences and walls all round and a high locked gate to prevent children leaving.
  • We have a risk assessment policy that details how we manage and assess risk and an outings policy that details our procedure whilst away from the setting.
  • All equipment used in the childminding business is regularly checked for damage and wear and tear and replaced when necessary, for example high chairs, buggies, cots.
  • No children will be allowed in the kitchen without an adult present.
  • Our vehicles are regularly serviced have up to date MOT’s and are insured for business use.
  • All car seats are checked regularly and used correctly in accordance with seat belt regulations.
  • All gardening equipment is locked in sheds, and dangerous plants have been removed.
  • Childminders and key staff hold a current EYFS compliant 12-hour paediatric first aid certificate.
  • Toys given to children to play with will be suitable for their age and development.
  • Toys will be regularly checked to ensure they remain clean and safe.
  • Toys that are deemed unsafe due to their condition will be either mended or disposed of.
  • Toys will be regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner if possible.


  • Staff handling food will hold a level 2 food handling / safety certificate.
  • We encourage children to learn about good hygiene by promoting regular hand washing.
  • We will maintain a good standard of personal hygiene as this sets a good example to the children.
  • When providing meals and snacks children are encouraged to make healthy choices
  • The benefits of an active lifestyle are promoted, e.g. access to outdoor play and regular outdoor activities.
  • Baby changing mats are cleaned after each use.
  • The setting has registered with the appropriate body to provide food and drink, and ensure correct storage, hygiene of food preparation areas and preparation of food.
  • Pets are kept away from food preparation areas and their food bowls are not in areas accessible to the children. The cats have no access to the childminding area within the house.
  • All areas accessible to children including toys and equipment are regularly cleaned.
  • All children will have their own individual muslins, cloths, bedding if required and this will be washed at 82o to ensure it kills all bacteria. Other cloths, tea towels, oven gloves and aprons etc. will be regularly washed at 82o too.
  • If any bodily fluids are spilt these should be cleaned up and the area disinfected immediately and if clothes are soiled these should be changed.
  • The setting is smoke free and no one smokes/uses e-cigarettes in it. No one in the household smokes/uses e-cigarettes and we will not allow anyone visiting the property to smoke/use e-cigarettes in or around it. A no smoking sign is displayed.
  • Nappy changes will be performed on a changing mat and gloves will be worn by childcarer. Both childcarer and child will use anti-bacterial hand gel after every nappy change.
  • Sleeping children will be checked on regularly and CCTV monitors are used to see if they awaken. The cats are prevented from entering rooms where children are sleeping.
  • This policy also links with the accident, incident and emergency procedures, illness, risk assessment, no smoking/e-cigarettes and outings policy.