Dropping Off, Collection, Late Collection and Uncollected Children Policy


  • The supervision, safety and discipline of your child during drop off and collection is the parent’s responsibility until the parent has handed over the child to a childminder or assistant and left the premises.

Dropping Off

  • Please let us know in advance if you intend to arrive at a different time than the contracted one.
  • If you arrive unexpectedly early we may not be ready to care for your child. If you are late, we may have to take children to play sessions/groups and will not be able to wait for you.  Where possible we will contact you to advise where we are so that you can drop off there.
  • Please discuss with us if you wish to change your contracted hours.


  • We organise activities and meals around child collection times, therefore we encourage parents to collect their child/children at our agreed times. If you would like to collect your child at a different time (either earlier or later) please try to let us know beforehand.
  • If you are delayed for whatever reason please contact us and let us know when you are expected to arrive. (If we are unable to continue to care for your child, e.g. if this would put us over the allocated number of children for the staff present, we will contact other adults from the authorised list and arrange for them to collect your child.) We will reassure your child that you are on the way and if necessary organise additional activities and a meal.
  • We will only release your child to those permitted to collect your child, as agreed in our contract.
  • Our contract may also list people who are authorised to collect your child/children occasionally or in exceptional circumstances. If so we will only release your child to them if you have notified us either that day or the day before that they will collect your child.
  • If you would like your child to be collected by anyone else, you need to let us know both verbally and in writing. Just a text or email message will not be sufficient.
  • If we haven’t met the person collecting your child before, we will ask them for the password set up for collection of your child and may ask to see their identification as well.
  • In the event of an emergency we can operate a password system where you can send someone not authorised to collect your child but who is able to give the password. Please discuss with us if you want to use this system.  We will need to see proof of ID.
  • If at any time we are unsure, we may refuse to release your child until we are satisfied that we have had confirmation from you over the identity of the person.

Late Collection

If a child in our care has not been collected at the agreed time, in normal circumstances we will:

  • Wait for 30 minutes to see if the parent is late.

If parents do not arrive:

  • Call the parents on all available contact numbers.
  • If we are unable to contact a parent-
    • We will wait a further 30 minutes and then attempt to contact the parents again.
  • If we are still unable to contact a parent-
    • Call any other emergency contacts for the child and if we have had prior permission to allow the child to be collected by them we will ask them to collect the child. If they do not have permission we will ask them to attempt to contact the parents.
  • If we are unable to contact the emergency contacts or they are unable to collect the child/contact the parents-
    • Continue to look after the child until he/she is collected.
    • During this time, we will ensure distress to the child is kept to a minimum.
    • If we have an important appointment or commitment, if it is safe to do so we will take the child with us but only if we are able to leave a message on the parent’s phone or someone is available to inform the parents when they arrive.
  • We will always keep a record of the time that the child is collected. We will record the times we have tried to call and the numbers called, how long we have waited in an incident report, this information may be required by the local authority or other agencies or to support the issue of a late collection fee.
  • We will charge an additional fee for late collection.
  • If the parents become habitually late we will discuss this with the parent initially and will charge out of hours rates, and if suitable propose a change to the hours of the childminding agreement. However, if the parents continue to be habitually and extensively late we may terminate the childminding contract.

Procedure for an Uncollected Child:

  • We will continue to try the parents’ contact numbers and emergency numbers, but if we have heard nothing after 2 hours from the original agreed collection time, we will then have a duty to inform the local authority duty social worker.
  • A message will be left on the parents answer phone where possible informing them of the situation.
  • We will continue to look after the child until collection is arranged.