Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality about the children in our care and their families is very important to us. Your information will remain confidential

  • We respect that the information you give to us about you and your child/children may be sensitive. We will keep written information about your child safe and out of view from others.
  • We will not talk about confidential information to others, unless we need to do so to safeguard your child (please see our Safeguarding Children procedure) or to assist in the handover to other child carers as agreed with you, or other agencies with your consent.
  • We will take into account data protection rules when disclosing records that refer to third parties.
  • You are welcome to see any written information that we are holding on your child at any time (for example EYFS observation records).
  • As part of our Data Protection Act 1998 responsibilities, we are required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to notify them that we hold electronic information or take digital photos as part of our business. Little Footsteps Childcare Ltd is registered with the Information Commission number: ZA301492.

Please keep our information confidential

  • As our childminding relationship develops we expect that we will divulge to you personal information about our home(s) and families. We hope that you will respect our privacy by not sharing this information or any other information you may accidentally learn about other children and families attending unless it is a child protection issue.
  • In addition, you may learn information also about our assistants and their personal lives. This information should be kept confidential also.

Record Keeping

  • Ofsted/ the Childminder Agency may require to see our records at any time.
  • We record all accidents in an accident book. We will notify our insurers of all accidents which may result in an insurance claim, e.g. an accident involving a doctor or hospital visit.
  • We will inform the Childminder Agency, Ofsted, the MASH team and the Health and Safety Executive of any significant injuries, accidents or deaths as soon as possible.
  • We hold public liability insurance as is required by law.
  • We record all significant incidents in an incident book and we will share these with parents so that together we can work to resolve any issues.
  • We keep records relating to individual children on our computers and these will be stored securely in password-protected directories or files. Data may be stored at the setting or at the companies registered office or secure cloud-based services.