Closure and Bad Weather Policy

General Statement

We understand that parents need reliable childcare, however there will be times when, for example due to bad weather, for safety and/or practical reasons, or family emergency we may need to alter our normal childcare offering at short notice.

This policy relates to winter-type bad weather, specifically snow and icy conditions. We have tried to capture every eventuality however as it is difficult to foresee the exact potential impacts of bad weather, our actual actions may have to differ.

Reducing the impact of poor weather

We will strive to put in place initiatives to help our setting to carry on as normal during bad weather, including:

  • Asking parents to provide winter outdoor wear for their child
  • Clearing snow from our path / driveway as soon as practical and safe
  • Updating parents regularly on the status of our setting, so that they can plan for contingencies or be reassured that our setting is open.

Procedure to be followed in the event of bad weather

In the event of not being able to open due to bad weather the previous night:

  • If the bad weather is forecast, we will warn parents the day before that we may have to close.
  • On the morning of the closure, we will inform parents as soon as practical; we expect this to be by text message.
  • Parents are welcome to contact us to see if the setting will be open
  • As Kings Ride is a slope and our setting is at the bottom, parents are advised during icy/snowy conditions to park in neighbouring roads and walk round as long as it is safe to do so. Cars frequently are unable to exit our road in snowy/icy conditions.

Closure before minding hours:

In the event we have to close before the minding hours for a child we will:

  • Contact parents, by text followed by a telephone call as soon as we know we need to close.
  • Give parents contact details of a registered childminder or the childminder agency who may be able to provide cover.

In the event of having to close whilst children are in our setting:

If we are concerned over the safety of children in our care for example due to bad weather, safety concerns at the setting or family emergency we may have to close our setting and ask parents to collect their child as soon as possible. This may be by text, followed by a telephone call.

  • If parents are concerned about getting to the setting or returning home from the setting, they should contact us so that we can organise a suitable time for them to collect their child.
  • If a parent is unable to get to the setting to collect their child, we will of course care for them whilst we work out how to resolve the situation.

Charging in the event of closure

  • If we have to close our setting for any reason e.g. poor weather, safety issue with the setting or family emergency there will be no charge.
  • If our setting is open and you choose not to use the setting due to bad or forecast bad weather there will be a charge as normal (no refund).