Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and

As childminders we are committed to ensure that all the children are safeguarded whilst in our care and expect families to maintain their responsibilities in the following way.

Parent/Carer/Families to:

  • Share information with us about the development, health and wellbeing of their child
  • To inform us when taking their child in and out of the premises
  • Ensure the child is collected on time and contact details are current. A Password system is in place for collections by people the setting has not previously met.
  • To be polite and respectful to all involved with the setting
  • Provide feedback to us, giving suggestions or ideas
  • Direct any concerns, worries or complaints to us as soon as possible
  • Ensure you can safely transport your child to and from our setting using age appropriate and safe car seats
  • Ensure as far as reasonable as possible the child is ‘well’ when attending our setting
  • Parent/Carer/Families will be required to leave any mobile phone, laptop or camera that they have with them in a safe place away from the children or in their car and if they need to use their phone they will need to do this away from the other minded children. (in accordance with our Safeguarding Policy)

Parent/Carer/Families at our setting are notpermitted to:

  • Shout, smack or use physical punishment to their child or other children whilst on the premises.
  • Use inappropriate language, demonstrate aggressive or threatening behaviours towards us, our assistants, those living on the premises, other families, visitors or children verbally or in writing.
  • To collect their child[ren] from our care if they have consumed alcohol, medication or other substances that have affected their judgement or responses.
  • To discuss sensitive issues in the presence of your child, other children or parents.
  • Repeat any sensitive information you may inadvertently learn about us, those living on the premises or other children and families.
  • Take photographs or videos of children in our setting.
  • Use a mobile phone or any device that can record images or sound of children in our setting.
  • To share any photos from your child’s online journal/diary containing other children on the internet. (Some children in our care are not allowed by court order to have their photo on the internet to safeguard them)
  • Pick up, carry or make a child not your own, sit on your lap or to give a cuddle. Children must be respected at all times.


We reserve the right to ask any parent/carer/family not adhering to this policy to leave the premises and/or terminate their child’s contract with us. Any aggressive behaviour to ourselves or anyone else in our setting may result in the police being called.