Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Policy Statement:

It is our policy to keep children safe when they are in our care.


  • In order to do this, we will ensure that anyone who has contact with the children whilst at our setting, is under the influence of alcohol or any other drug which may affect their ability to care for children.
  • We will ensure that anyone who has contact in our setting with the children in our care and is taking medication which may affect their ability to care for children seeks medical advice.
  • They will only work directly with children if it is confirmed that their ability to look after the children will not be impaired.
  • We will ensure that alcohol and other drugs are kept safely under lock and key, away from children.
  • If you have been drinking, perhaps a work leaving meal, Christmas party or whilst entertaining clients we would prefer if you arranged for another responsible adult to collect your child, especially if you plan to drive home.
  • Alternatively, you may call us and we can delay the pickup time if possible.  Please be aware if we reasonably believe that you may be unfit to drive through drugs or alcohol when collecting your child and you drive them we have a duty of care to inform the authorities e.g. Police


  • Drugs and alcohol are now more readily available to younger children. If we have any concerns that your child may be drinking alcohol, taking drugs or smoking we will discuss the matter with you immediately.
  • We will then work with you to support your child; however, we reserve the right to terminate our contract with immediate effect if we are concerned that your child’s behaviour due to drugs/alcohol may be putting the other children we care for at risk.
  • If we are concerned about the safety of any child in our care we have a legal duty to report the concern to the authorities.
  • If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.