What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Every child’s overall wellbeing is of paramount concern to us at all times.

We ensure this is supported in the following ways;

  • Making sure that our home is safe and secure for the children in our care and when out of the house that the children’s safety is maintained.
  • Ensuring high standards of hygiene and encouraging the children to develop their own understanding of hygiene e.g. washing hands, using tissues and disposing of them after, separate towels and flannels for each child etc.
  • Children are emotionally supported through building strong relationships with them and we aim to support them develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Positive behaviour is encouraged and re-enforced using praise and we have a promoting positive behaviour policy which is implemented and reviewed regularly. We use simple house rules which are shared with parents and children.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments are completed on our service and any outings and trips we take the children on. These are reviewed regularly and any findings implemented.
  • We both hold a paediatric first aid certificate and this is re-taken every three years. We also have undertaken training in cardiac resuscitation and have a defibrillator with both adult and child fitments.
  • In addition both of us are trained to replace gastrostomy buttons and to feed with a nasal or gastrostomy tube manually (bolus) or by a feeding pump. We have also had training in administering epipens.
    Medication is stored safely as per the directions on the labels and any medication given is recorded and signed by the parents each day.
  • We both have undertaken Safeguarding (Child Protection) training and also I have completed Designated Person training for Safeguarding, these are renewed every three years.
    We both have a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service – previously CRB) check and also my daughter who is over 16 has one too.
  • We have a range of policies and procedures such as; safeguarding; inclusion; risk assessments; sickness, illness and infectious diseases; health and safety; no smoking; alcohol and other drugs; fire procedure; accident, incidents and emergency policy among others and these are all available for parents to view on our online portal. These are reviewed regularly and updated if needed.
  • Permissions are signed by parents before their child starts in our care for use of photography and video, outings, medical care and care by my assistant (my husband Simon) who works jointly with me, as well as other permissions.