How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

Each child has a:

  • Learning Journal which contains; copies of the daily diary sheets provided to parents, assessments, observations and reviews, termly reports, photos, notes on discussions with parents and copies of artwork completed.
  • My Activities and Achievement’s large book which contains; photos of activities, play,  trips, artwork and models, descriptions of each photograph and activity,  notes on EYFS learning and development achieved and planned for in activities, notes on observations of how a child is learning from the planned activities and Wow moments and observations.
  • Both of these are a vital information to inform me when preparing my planning and understanding how your child is doing against the EYFS guides.


These are both shared with parents regularly and some parts are available in each parents private part of the online portal.

In addition to this we have daily discussions with parents about their child’s day, and parents can make an appointment to meet with us or phone us and discuss informally and confidentially any concerns about or issues they may be having with their child.

If there are any gaps in a child’s development or concerns about a child we will arrange a time to discuss this with you first and develop a plan of action, this may involve more targeted activities both with us and at home (I am happy to help suggest these) to encourage development in the area concerned or it may be with your agreement seeking advice and support from the appropriate agencies and professionals relevant to the issue/difficulty identified.

My policy ‘Working with Parents’ is followed and is regularly reviewed to keep it relevant at all times.