How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new setting / school?

When a parent and child visits our setting to view and meet us about a potential vacancy they are given a folder containing a booklet of information about the services we provide, a child record form, permissions form, retainer agreement, sample copy of a contract, example of a weekly plan and a starting points record (for information on the family, likes, dislikes, communication, comforters, fears, diet, medical needs, and any other relevant information).

If a child is registered with us by a parent then we ask for the completed child record and starting points form from the parent so we have information on the child and their routine. We meet with the parent to discuss their and their child’s requirements.

Every child is offered and encouraged to take advantage of the 2 free two hour settling sessions to help the child feel comfortable and secure with us, meet the other children we care for and form a relationship with us prior to the child starting their booked sessions with us. This time is again a good opportunity to find out more about the child and their needs. More sessions can be used to settle if a parent feels their child needs this.

Care is taken when a child starts attending our service to give them every support and encouragement in separating from their parent and settling in with us and the other children and using their home routine as much as possible to enable them to feel secure and more comfortable with us.

We have an admissions policy and we implement this.

When a child moves on to a new early years setting or to ‘big’ school then professionals from these settings are welcome with the parents’ written permission to visit the child in my setting or call me to discuss the child. The child’s learning journal can also be shared with parents’ permission.