Learning through play

The wonderful thing about learning through play is that the children do not realise that they are learning, they think they are just having fun!!

Children playing in the sand for instance are learning many things such new words, sizes, quantities, shapes, colours, sharing, taking turns, using their imagination, hand/eye coordination, balance, using tools, differences between wet and dry sand, cooperating with others and playing together as a group to name just a few, all while enjoying themselves!

Children are preprogrammed to be curious, investigate and experiment and they practise all of this through observing the world around them and then trying it out in their play. Watch a child in the home corner and you can learn a lot about what they have seen at home or out and about as they repeat it in their play, practising for themselves.

We put out a variety of toys and equipment daily, besides the toys always available to encourage different types of play and learning. Some of these are specific toys such as a farm and animals, others might be for instance something like a selection of objects such as ribbons, pinecones, fabrics, bells, pan scourers etc which have different sounds and textures to encourage their imagination and different types of play.

Sometimes we have themes in our craft work, trips, stories and songs to help the children learn about specific topics.