Eco credentials

We aim to ensure that our setting is as environmentally friendly as possible yet still being warm and comfortable for the children entrusted to us.  The measures we have taken to help reduce our impact on the environment are as follows:

Solar electricitySolar electricity for our childminding setting

The vast majority of the electricity used during Childminding hours will be produced from our 18 solar PV panels installed on the roof.  In the summer months the setting will be heating hot water by solar energy as well exporting energy to the grid further helping to reduce the impact of the setting on the environment.

Well insulated comfortable home

The setting is a well-insulated comfortable detached home near Folders Lane in Burgess Hill.  Additional insulation has been installed in the loft space as well as cavity wall insulation to reduce the heat loss in the winter and to keep the house cool in the summer.  Additionally, the lounge and activity room have air conditioning which is mainly powered from the solar panels in the summer.

9 seater mini-buses for transport

We have two 9-seater minibuses which is used when we need to take children on an outing or when the weather is bad 

Both vehicles are fully insured for childminder business use.  For local trips we will walk where possible.