A Typical Day


8am – 9am Children arrive - Breakfast and Child led play
8.30am – 9 am School Drop off
9am - 11.30am Visit to toddler group, park, outing or Activities - craft, adult guided activities, child led play
10.30am Snack time, story and song time
11am Child led play including freeflow into garden
11.30am Lunch
12.45pm Sleep/ Quiet time
1.30pm Child led play, freeflow into garden and/or activity
2.30pm Snack time, story and song time
3pm Collection from local school
3.30pm Child led play, freeflow into garden
4.15 - 4.30pm Dinner
4.45 - 6pm Television, play with toys until parents arrive
6pm Children leave


Obviously this is only an indication of a typical day with me. A day’s activities may vary depending on weather, the age of children being cared for and events that may be taking place.

Babies and toddlers have their own routines with regard to eating, sleeping and changing and my day is adapted to work with routines already in place at home.  We work closely with parents to ensure that this happens and to provide security and continuity for the child.

Children will be encouraged to have a sleep to fit in with their normal routine but if they do not want a sleep then they can have a quiet time instead.

At home time we will provide parents with a description of their child’s day, what has been eaten and drunk, nappy changes, sleeps and activities they have done etc. Maintaining good communication with parents is vital to be able to work closely with them with regard to their child’s care and learning. We make time to talk to parents about their child and their progress regularly.